Thursday, December 22, 2011

River of Lights Holiday Show at Albuquerque’s Botanic Gardens.

I follow this blog/website Kevin and Amanda and todays post was amazing. As you can already tell by the title, it's about this amazing lights show. Here are a few photos a snatched off of her website and so all the credit goes to Amanda and her mad photo skills.

I especially love the bear on the rocking horse.
For all those music lovers. I think this is so cute
This is inside a lighted castle that was guarded by soldiers. "Spooky" as Amanda said. 

I will end this post with a song i heard at the christian club at my school. Christmas must be something more by taylor swift. Thank you taylor for making the message clear to everybody. I'm glad that taylor wrote this song since she is a huge role model in today's society and so many people will look up to her and here this message. Enjoy!

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