Friday, December 23, 2011

Awesome Thing: 1

Today is the start of my christmas break awesome challenge.

Awesome thing number 1 is 

Mean Teachers Who Help You In The Future

In grade 10, I had this not so very nice drama teacher. Now, the thing you need to know is that I have stage fright. So what exactly was I doing in Drama. No, it was not an accident or the usual mistake that the school system can make- I made that choice to take drama class in grade 10. You see, I had to take an "art" to pass highschool and since I can't sing or draw/paint/use pastels, I was stuck with taking drama. This teacher would yell at you for making to much noise with your pencil. I know. 

But you know what? She was so mean that she got me over my stage fright. Like honestly. I can know do so much infront of a group of people without worrying. And why is that? Because no one can make me feel as uncomfortable on stage as that drama teacher would make me feel. 

Today, I performed at my highschool talent show with confidence. I did the song Don't miss it by Francesca Battistelli in ASL (American Sign Language).  


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  1. CONGRATS!!! too bad i wasn't there to see it. :(