Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Love these paper piecing ideas from

For more info on this piecing go to

For more info on this piecing go to

I'm also falling in LOVE with these scrapbook page ideas.

A great way to incorporate journalling into scrapbooking. Very cute. You can also full the rest of the page with more souvenirs and tickets/brochures.

Very cute and looks like a journal page with the "drawn" hearts and the nice font for the word smiles. To check out come really cool fonts check out Kevin and Amanda's website. 

I love, love, love cutting photos into shapes. It adds a lot of focus to a picture. I will definitely try this layout someday.

Play around with tapes and photo sizes. Looks fun and easy to make. 

Great for trips. I actually have a scrapbook paper pad with various NEw York backgrounds. I like buying my scrapbook pads from homesense and winners because I find them MUCH cheeper than the ones at Michaels. 

This one isn't anything new, I just think that it would be easy to make and looks professional. Minimal supplies needed,

Winter! Yuck! As much as I hate snow, I can't escape it. So while kids are playing outside in the snow, I think I'll be drinking hot chocolate and making this fun looking scrapbook page.

All photo layouts are NOT mine but found on I would recommend that every scrapbooker, whether beginner or advanced, should check out this magazine or at least the website. 


  1. my favourite is the cupcake one.

  2. i like the scrapbook page with the girl pic cut into a flower