Saturday, December 4, 2010


I pressed shuffle on my ipod and these were the first ten songs (honestly). Check them out!

  1. Somewhere in the  middle------ Casting Crowns
  2. Pass it on--------------------------- Tommy Walker
  3. Lifesong---------------------------- Absolute All Time Favourites For Kids
  4. Stay My Baby--------------------- Miranda Cosgrove
  5. A different Side of Me----------- Allstar Weekend
  6. Dance Forever--------------------- Allstar Weekend
  7. Whatever you're doing (Somehting Heavenly) -- Sanctus Real
  8. All of Creation-------------------- MercyMe
  9. Hanging On----------------------- Britt Nicole
  10. He holds Everything---------- Point of Grace
As you can see 30% of the songs listed are non christian. That's okay. I would like to challenge all of you do what i just did and ask yourself, Whats your ipod say about you. If more than 5 songs were non-christian you either got bad luck or you better change the type of music you listen to.

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